TranceMedium Program

TranceMedium Program


The TranceMedium program is about experiencing oneself as spirit.

Our natural ability to move in and out of the body, what may have once been our greatest challenge, will become our greatest gift.

The TM program is a 5-year program broken into a couple of stages. The first stage is 2-years; The second stage is 3-years, when we learn to channel and heal using beings.

With full awareness, we will explore expanded realms of consciousness, becoming more and more awake in the limitless, timeless, spaceless dimension of cosmic consciousness. We will learn to consciously step out of the physical, into the space of creation, bringing back the wisdom of the soul to create real and lasting growth.

Program Cost: $150 per month

Prerequisite: Completion of a Clairvoyant Training Program, plus additional requirements.

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Product Description

With our foundation of clairvoyance, amusement and neutrality we will begin by increasing ownership and certainty in the crown chakra. Increased awareness and ownership in the crown chakra allows us to clear the energies running between the crown chakra and creative rings, and the energies of the rings themselves. The clairvoyant skill set is expanded to include the color white and being fully aware as we experience ourselves in the spiritual, or “light,” body, and as a point of consciousness outside the body.

By awakening-in and owning the spiritual body you expand and deepen your consciousness in all facets of self, and further support living one’s truth in freedom. Seniority to beings is addressed to increase certainty and seniority to those influences.

You can learn and explore in this space for up to 5 years.

The first two years of training will focus on healing the spiritual body, expanding awareness in the timeless, “limitless space” dimension, and gaining certainty in this broader expanse of consciousness; along with mastery of the trance medium healing skill set. You will learn to align, set and quite the chakras while bringing the energy in the body to a very high spiritual (white) vibration. You will learn to raise your vibration to white while creating a safe space for the body to be in a vibration of healing as you are out of the body. As you learn and practice the skill of running energy at white you will further your growth by sitting along experienced TM healers and channels in our clinics, matching their certainty, amusement and energy level. It is very cool to sit next to and match the energy as a TM healer channels a high level being, everyone gets a healing.

What you do once you find your way consciously out of the body is where the real fun begins. You have stepped to a high enough energy level to be “released” from the body, creating space and separation (freedom) from the pain, invalidation and hang-ups of the world. It becomes so much easier to release those energies and pictures that affect and control you in the body.

In the First 2 years you will learn and explore:

  • The mechanics of “going to white”

  • Running trance medium energy (the white loop)

  • Using the white loop to transform pictures and energy

  • Going in and out of your body

  • Using your Spiritual “Light” Body

  • To recognize who you are and who you are not.

  • Anchor points

  • Pain Ridge Healings

  • Trance medium Energy Checks

  • Finding Neutrality & releasing competition with healees and beings

  • Compassion, amusement & confidence within yourself & as a healer

  • How to recognize trance-mediumship in your family & yourself

  • How to recognize trance-mediums in the world around you

  • To say hello to trace medium energy with neutrality, amusement and seniority

  • Past-life agreements and religious experiences that impact your trance medium levels.

  • Understanding different kinds of beings and how they affect healing: gurus, angels, healing beings, low vibration beings, baby beings, gods and goddesses, to name a few.

  • And much more…

Continuing into the third year will focus on our relationships with out-of-body beings and our management of those relationships in present time, along with managing the variety and volume of information that comes to and through us. The third year will focus on our divine right to create ourselves, and so our realities, with moment-to-moment freedom and seniority.

You will have the opportunity to go out of your body and channel another being to heal yourself and others. In the healing sanctuary created for the TM Healings you will work with high level healing beings releasing deep levels of karma, invalidation and pain left in the body from past invasions by beings and entities. Your energy will soar to new hights as you gain new levels of seniority to energy and beings. You will begin to recognize and become free creations in your life that are not yours and release the beings attached to those aspects of your life. More of your spiritual essence will shine through, revealing your deeper path.

Trance-mediumship is the bridge between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the physical. When we consciously own that bridge, move across it freely, and are fully awake and aware on both sides, we become more powerful creators, and life becomes the exciting, dynamic and the fun game it is meant to be. Happiness and fulfillment is no longer a pursuit in the future but a state of being to be experienced in the present.

Continuing on What is Learned in the first two years:

  • To use clairvoyance to see and work with a being

  • To locate and communicate with beings that you have affinity for

  • To make an agreement and set boundaries to channel a being in a safe, supported environment.

  • To change agreements with beings that are no longer serving you.

  • To be a conscious versus un-conscious healer.

  • To be in charge of the process of channeling.

  • To take seniority over your own trance mediumship and the programming in your body to channel certain energies.

  • To clear out the beings channeled as well as the one not fit to channel.

  • To own more of your own information as a healer and a spirit with a body.

  • To own your creativity and creative space separate from beings that want to create through you.

  • To control a line of channelers, allowing you to gain seniority over beings.

  • To get free of past /present time guru /spiritual teachers and free others.

  • And much more!

The Program Includes:

  • Twice Monthly Classes (1 hour) @ 7:30pm PT (dates TBA)

  • Monthly TM Tools review (10-15 minute MP3, led by Cody, Included)

  • Monthly Participation in Trance-medium Healing Clinic (1 hour)

  • Participation in special Trance Channeling Healing Events

Additional Services (Recommended)

  • Monthly TM Meditation Series (Phone or download) 3rd Tuesday @ 7:30pm PT ($30)

  • Monthly counseling with Cody (45 minutes/$50)

Please contact Cody to discuss your interest.