The TranceMedium program is about experiencing oneself as spirit.

Our natural ability to move in and out of the body, what may have once been our greatest challenge, will become our greatest gift.

The TM program is a 5-year program broken into a couple of stages. The first stage is 2-years; The second stage is 3-years, when we learn to channel and heal using beings.

With full awareness, we will explore expanded realms of consciousness, becoming more and more awake in the limitless, timeless, spaceless dimension of cosmic consciousness. We will learn to consciously step out of the physical, into the space of creation, bringing back the wisdom of the soul to create real and lasting growth.

Program Cost: $150 per month

Prerequisite: Completion of a Clairvoyant Training Program, plus additional requirements.


By beginning the Spiritual One-to-One you embark on a journey of discovery and wonder. This is your journey; no one can make the trip for you. I can only act as a guide offering direction and feedback. Each one-to-one adventure has it’s own unique destination. I hope to help you reach the spiritual goal and mock-up of your dreams, and I encourage you to strive for no less.

At its core the one-to-one offers the opportunity to:

  • Get free of spiritual controls

  • Get everyone out of your space

  • Learn to create as a spirit

  • Know your own path; past and future

  • Learn about your body

  • Learn to take your information with you when you die

  • Explore the astral

  • Know yourself

  • Have a psychic adventure

Program Cost: $200 per month

Prerequisite: This is a post-graduate program and requires completion of a Clairvoyant Training Program, plus additional requirements. There is an interview process to begin the One To One. Please contact Cody to discuss your interest.