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Spiritual Services

Our mission is to support each individual in the discovery and pursuit of their highest vision for themselves. Through the awakening of spirit, each person can discover their true nature and know their place in the universe. Through the integration of mind, body and spirit the path set forth from ones original essence can be realized.

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Intuitive Reading & Healing

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Spiritual Deprogramming

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Trancemedium Healing

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Every time I have a session with Cody I immediately feel the difference. His neutral, objective and kind way of communicating and healing makes it easy to process energy and let go of any limits or blocks that might be in the way of having my own answers.
— Marjorie B.
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Intuitive Reading and Healing

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience! When our Spirit and our bodies aren’t in affinity, then we can experience dis-ease physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When our Spiritual Essence is flowing openly and fully in present time, and integrated in our bodies, then we experience ease and flow in our lives.

All humans are spirit in a body, with physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Energy runs through our bodies in the many different energy channels that comprise our spiritual anatomy. Our health, direction and effectiveness in life depends on our energetic alignment and our ability to run our own energy freely in the body.

Price $150

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Spiritual Deprogramming

So much of who we think we are and what we feel is the direct result of other people’s beliefs that we have taken on as our own. Often, there are core beliefs upon which other similar matching beliefs become attached, creating large energy networks.

Price $200

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 Trancemedium Healing

All energy is vibration, and some is of a lower frequency, like our physical bodies, and some at a very high frequency, like our Spirit.

During a Trancemedium Healing session with Cody, the energy will be set to match your Spirit, and will be at white. The healing is an out of body healing, and sometimes involves the channeling of healing energies and beings to assist you.

Price $250

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