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So much of who we think we are and what we feel is the direct result of other people’s beliefs that we have taken on as our own. Often, there are core beliefs upon which other similar matching beliefs become attached, creating large energy networks. For instance, you may have been raised in a family that was big on sports, and it was assumed that you would play sports. No one taught you to tune into your essence and see whether that was in alignment with who you are. But, you took on this identity, won a scholarship to college and played all through school. Now, you find yourself still playing on teams after work, not really enjoying it and wondering how you have spent this much of your life doing something you don’t feel connected to. This is just one small example of the many ways we are programmed to be and do things without knowing whether it is in our own highest interest.

All these many ways of living out of alignment with our Selves put stress on our bodies, minds and spirits. In these Spiritual Deprogramming sessions, Cody will look at the energies that are blocking the communication between all the different aspects of you the Being. Together, you will reset your internal spiritual network, so that the energy traveling along it originates from your Essence, and really nourishes your body, mind and spirit.